Object protection

imagThe HASA-Security protects immovable properties and real estate with a need for high security. Basis for an effective and efficient individual security concept is a comprehensive danger and risk analysis at the preliminary stage.

Real properties constitute a high value for enterprises and private persons. An essential task in the area of the object protection is therefore the guarding and securing of buildings for the prevention of forced entries, attacks, assaults or espionage. In the event of private premises the protection of the private sphere of the owners has a high priority.
We render, individually, for every customer a comprehensive analysis of the potential hazards, endangerments and weak points of the building or landed property, and develop based on it and in close cooperation with the customer a solution concept. It answers all questions pertaining to the safety and security and suggests a catalogue of measures for the optimization of the security and safety situation. Aside from the securing of your object around the clock by trained, and in case of need, armed personnel the HASA also offers consultation and support with respect to the structural and technical modification of the object.