Personal protection

imagThe HASA-Security has a command of many years of experience in the protection of and in the catering to persons in need of protection on international level. Professionalism and discretion are the most paramount priority here.

As of a certain social status or economic position, which goes hand in hand with a certain extent of fame, there exists an increased risk for one's own person, but also for the loved ones, dependants and relatives, for instance through attentats [acts of violence, terrorism, assassination] or kidnappings, hijackings. Our members of staff discretely provide for your safety and security and for the protection of your family, whether stationary or as protection escort, whereby we pay attention to that our measures do not restrain you in your everyday life. We work with numerous internationally operating enterprises and governments and offer the armed protection employment in Germany and abroad.

Our personal body guards are extensively skilled and trained at their assignment weapons and are in possession of the required weapons' carrying licence. The HASA is internationally active and therefore also holds corresponding foreign permits. Qualified instructors school our co-workers regularly for their task of protecting the life of the persons and their next of kin entrusted to them. All our personal protection operatives excel at physical achievement effectiveness, task-related, tactical intelligence and the ability to keep up highest concentration over long periods of time. The unconditional absolute loyalty to their protected person rounds off the personality profile of our members of staff.