Safety engeneering

imagSince 1990 German authorities went out of business and a declining risk of espionage. By the fall of the "Iron Curtain" came from the eastern and western intelligence services for the disorientation and consequently to unemployment.
Shortly thereafter she developed for a new lucrative field.

Illegal procurement of business information - Description of tough economic espionage.
An increasingly aggressive international competition and more competitors can resort to unlawful methods, which would have been unthinkable before.
In order to obtain important information of its existential competition, market economy at the moment seems to use every means.
On behalf of competing technical espionage devices, or hacker attacks on networks, computer and ISDN systems are made.

The HASA Security has been more than 10 years, seen off by their own permanently trained specialists, which technical-espionage attacks with appropriate professional equipment and can.

Our specialists have an extensive network. Thus, all investigations of HASA Security in the fight against economic crime with the help of the latest generation of technology will be performed.

Trust and discretion are the basic prerequisites for successful cooperation.